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Glazing Type

Discover Mojumder Enterprise's diverse Glazing Types, offering a range of solutions that combine innovation and functionality. Glazing is a crucial aspect of building design, and our options are tailored to meet various aesthetic and performance requirements.

Key Features of Mojumder Enterprise Glazing Types:

1. Versatility: Our Glazing Types offer versatile solutions catering to a wide range of architectural and design preferences.

2. Energy Efficiency: Double Glaze and Low-E options contribute to energy conservation, minimizing heat transfer for enhanced efficiency.

3. Transparency: Clear Glass maintains optimal transparency, maximizing the infusion of natural light into interior spaces.

4. Safety: Tempered Glass ensures safety by breaking into small, less hazardous pieces upon impact.

5. Security: Laminated Glass provides an added layer of security, holding together when shattered.

6. Privacy: Obscure Glass, with its textured or patterned design, offers privacy by reducing visibility.

7. Customization: Our Glazing Types can be customized in terms of size, shape, and finish, allowing for seamless integration into any architectural style.

8. Unique Designs: Krypton Louver System and Heat Retention Coating bring unique designs to the forefront, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

Types we provide:
1. Single Glaze.
2. Double Glaze.
3. Clear Glass.
4. Low-E (Low Emissivity).
5. Heat Retention Coating.
6. Tempered Glass.
7. Laminated Glass.
8. Obscure Glass.